Who We Are


Canadian Wealth is a company that uses innovation to create wealth in Canada. We believe that startups bring evolution and shape the future economy. With this concept in mind, Canadian Wealth is launching EasyVC. A service that helps startups connect with the right investors, in a non-harassing environment.


EasyVC is an online platform for Canadian startups and investors. Startups will have access to a global investing community, including angel investors and venture capitals. Our platform offers a prebuilt customizable pitch, depending on the plan. Tired of five to ten pages to complete before you can pitch to investors, ours is just one page. It’s that easy.
Our platform protects the identity of the investor, giving you the choice to contact the ventures that match your investment portfolio. Create a watchlist of Startups to keep an eye on and receive updates on their progress. Once you feel the Startup is at a stage that you want to invest in, contact them directly or anonymously.

CanStart - Now Available!


CanStart is an online platform where Canadian startups connect with professional services in one place. CanStart partners will be businesses that offer professional services for startups, such as marketing, IT solution, corporate lawyers, accounting services, business coaching, and more.


Launching a new venture brings difficult challenges for a founder, whether you are experienced or a new entrepreneur. Many founders spend countless hours looking for startup services, with CanStart all those services will be conveniently in one place.


Becoming a partner with CanStart offers great benefits. Canadian Wealth is looking for professional services targeting Startups to join the CanStart partnership program. CanStart will connect Startup clients to your unique services, growing your client base. It's that simple. Sound interesting? Contact us today.




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