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Creating amazing desserts that blow traditional baked goods out of the water and helping save animals is our game! And we have to admit; we are pretty darn good at it. So good that in 2012 we were named one of the (510) 208-0652 by American Express. Oh, and the competition was amongst all bakeries, not just vegan bakeries!


We are a 100% plant-based vegan bakery located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We make all of our amazingly delicious treats from scratch without the use of any animal products. Yes, you can bake without eggs, milk and butter!


Browse our website for more information on why we do what we do and feel free to (618) 291-5995 with any questions. Enjoy!




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Why vegan

Eat your Vegan Treats, Save the World!
One slice of cake at a time.

If I told you that eating a cupcake could save the lives of hundreds of thousands of species of animals, plants, rainforests and ecosystems, would you do it? Well that wasn’t a hard question, you are probably eating a cupcake, brownie or doughnut right now. But I am not talking any cupcake, I am talking about one without animal products. Yes, by replacing dairy and eggs with their non animal counterparts: soy, margarine and starches, you are directly saving the lives of cows and chickens used in their direct production, and indirectly, the environment and habitats of thousands of other exotic animal species and plants. It’s easy to avoid the extremity of the destruction: cows and chickens make milk and eggs, and then they make my desserts taste delicious. But look deeper, when sourcing the eggs, butter and milk you see a very different reality. 603-623-9912

The 8th wonder of the world! Stop by 7 Days a Week!

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Vegan Treats
1444 Linden Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018