Business Owners: Get $5,000 to $500,000 in just 5 DAYS!

  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Offers Back in 24 Hours
  • No Business Plans or Tax Returns Needed
  • 480 minimum credit score to qualify

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Benefits of Using 5 Day Biz Funding

Quick & Easy Application

Our application is only a half page. You can fill it out in TWO MINUTES or less.

Hassle Free Funding

We help get your funds in just 5 DAYS without the delays and ordeals of the big banks. A credit score of only 480 is needed to qualify.

Only 3 Months Business Bank Statements Needed

If you’ve been in business at least 6 months, you only need the most recent 3 months of business bank statements to qualify.

No Business Plans or Tax Returns Needed

Easy to qualify. No business plans, profit & loss required. No tax returns for amounts less than $30,000.
* If you want more than $30,000, we only need the first page of your tax return.

Quick & Easy Application


Only 3 months
of bank

No Need for
OR tax

How We Help

Up to $500,000 in Funding

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation.

As an independent business funding referral firm, our team of experts will match you with just the right funding program to meet your specific needs.

Call us today to find out how we can help you realize your financial dreams.

Quick and Easy

Your small businesses is part of the proud backbone of America. You deserve access to funding that is quick and easy without all of the delays and paperwork hassles required by those big banks. At 5 Day Biz Funding, our goal is simple:

We Get Your Business Funded Quickly and Hassle Free!

Quick Funding For Your Business

We have several years experience helping our small business clients to meet their financial goals. The benefits of using 5 Day Biz Funding include:

  • Funding in 5-7 Days!
  • No Tax Returns Needed
  • No Business Plans Needed
  • All Credit Types Considered
  • No Money Out of Your Pocket
  • Offers Back in 24 Hours
  • Quick and Easy Application